Arabic Oudh Bamboo-Less Incense Sticks

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Product Code: Arabic Oudh Bamboo-Less Incense Sticks

Aadiva Arabic Oudh Agarbathies are Eco-friendly, Non Toxic and fills Positive Energy.

These incense sticks are Bamboo-less, Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, Easy to use  and has Unique fragrance & less-smoke. You can gift it to your dear ones on a special occasion to make them feel special and loved. 

Direction for Use & Caution: 

Light up any end of agarbathi and allow flame to catch. Gentle put out of the flame. Place agarbathi on a fireproof and heat resistant surface, away from inflammable material. Use agarbathi with care and in well ventilated spaces.

Ingredients (
Latin names):

White Chips (Album Eu), Jigat Powder (Jigat Pulveris), Guargum (Guargum), Aromatic Perfume ( Unguentum Aromaticum)

Burning Time:

30 Minutes (approx)


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