Our Brand

Aadiva as the name signifies (Arabic translation) is a Social Drive and research of gentle natural ingredients. We offer a skin care ritual not just a product range.

Aanchal’s vision to own a village to provision for its livelihood, drives Aadiva. We are now an entity reaching out to rural women, empowering and training them to employ their skills, manufacturing to packaging we are a 100% handmade unit run predominantly by these women.

Head on challenging the boundaries of supply chains, bold face-front of Indian Women workforce, Aanchal travels to remote villages to establish direct farmer’s relationships. In turn she and her father gets to grow their own ingredients in purest forms free of skin harming chemicals.

Our products are natural, parabene free and handcrafted at our production facility. The freshness of our own grown herbs divulges as you unravel every handmade paper packaging. Each of our luxurious products are only for fashionable and self aware patron who stands apart from the mass.