Meet the Maker: Aanchal Bali – Aadiva

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“Aadiva is more than a decade old. Born into a family that pioneered the concept of handmade bath and beauty products in India, most weekends and vacations during my growing up years, were spent working at our family’s manufacturing plant. It was under the experienced guidance of my father that I started preparing bath and beauty care products for my own use. Through years of study and practice, I honed my skills at blending natural ingredients recommended in Ayurveda with complementary fragrances, to create unique bath and beauty care products that not only look and smell great but also infuse their beneficial effects on our body.” – Ms. Anchal, Founder – Aadiva. You are cordially invited Let’s get to know Aadiva better.

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Go All Natural with Your Choice

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To start with the fact that all Aadiva products are pure and natural, then the fact that they mainly employ women from lower income groups and that all the ingredients come from sustainable, local sources.

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Divine Karma!

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Aadiva's #luxurious range of Parabene Free and Sulfate Free Soaps : the therapeutic well-being gift for your skin's good health. Indian Lotus symbolizes divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and enlightenment. It is also regarded as a symbol of triumph as it can survive to regerminate for thousands of years. Untouched by the impurity despite growing in mud, the flower is also meant to symbolize the purity of heart and mind. It holds additional significance as it is the symbol of many Gods and Goddesses and is often used in various religious practices. It was because of these noble meanings and cultural significance that made, the founding fathers of #modern India enshrine the lotus in the #Constitution as the National #Flower of #India

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Cool since 3000 years!

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khus khus (Vetiver) has been harvested for 3000 years and is known for its cooling and invigorating properties. Aadiva’s Ruh Khus Bathing Bar with a base of cold pressed virgin oils of Coconut and Olive, refreshes and revitalizes your tired mind and body and soothes your skin in this cruel summer.

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Chandan sa Badan!

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Sandalwood (Chandana in Hindi) is considered very scared across the globe with various religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sufism, Zoroastrianism, Chinese as well as Japanese use #Sandalwood for their religious and spiritual rituals. India since prehistory has been effectively using Sandalwood in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Sandalwood is suitable for all skin types and is non toxic. It is also considered beneficial for meditation and for calming and focusing the mind.

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