Divine Karma!

Divine Karma!

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Aadiva's #luxurious range of Parabene Free and Sulfate Free Soaps : the therapeutic well-being gift for your skin's good health.
Indian Lotus symbolizes divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and enlightenment. It is also regarded as a symbol of triumph as it can survive to regerminate for thousands of years. Untouched by the impurity despite growing in mud, the flower is also meant to symbolize the purity of heart and mind. It holds additional significance as it is the symbol of many Gods and Goddesses and is often used in various religious practices. It was because of these noble meanings and cultural significance that made, the founding fathers of #modern India enshrine the lotus in the #Constitution as the National #Flower of #India

Considering the above factors and the kind of significance this flower holds for our culture, we introduce this soap to you as the numero uno from our "Liquid Gold" range.

Lotus has much more to it apart from its beauty, if you are looking for some relief after a day filled with stress and anxiety, it is the effective way to unwind and give your skin the time to rejuvenate..

It provides herbal hydration, to get that enviable glow.

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