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Aadiva is about celebrating beauty in small tangible moments, its a beautiful invigorating journey of self-awareness and self-expression. Aadiva is based on a sincere and generous approach to skin-care. Our products work on the skin without stripping away it’s natural protective layers. Aadiva is our passion project where we create products using the 5000 years old ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, blended with the latest skin-friendly natural ingredients. When you use Aadiva products, you will notice that every element of Aadiva ignites the sensation of purity and aesthetics. Aadiva is a collaborative project involving farmers, artists, and innovators. We hand pick our ingredients from our selected group of trusted farmers, to ensure the consistent and uncompromising quality of our products.
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Me and my family have been using aadiva products and never felt the need to even switch to any other brand. In love with aadiva for many years and I remain committed even today. I had a problematic skin when I was on my teens and now I am almost thirty and still feel the products doing wonders on my skin. I count on it and I truly believe everyone should use is at least once to know how good the products are.

Harsh Deep

They are excellent . We have been using them and found to be very smooth on your skin . They have a wide variety of soaps which is extremely good and is economical . The soaps do last long as they do not get washed away with water .


Very nice stuff . Been using it for a while . Keep it up�

Amit Kalra

In the time & age where everything is adulterated from food to even people �. And it's hard to find a pure, natural & free from any chemicals, product. Here is one company which is not only making products from all natural ingredients & no chemicals, but also using great quality ingredients. I don't mind spending a little extra for such a product, though I feel their line is quite reasonable. I have a very very oily skin & nothing suits me but after using their neem & Tulsi soap I don't think I'll ever need anything else. Thank you Aadiva!

Sudhash Kumar

Me and my family have been using Aadiva products and we all love it. The quality of the products and the packaging both are wonderful.

Joseph Dsouza

So glad to have found a brand like Aadiva, mainly because my pre teen daughter is insistent i allow her to use a face pack or scrub whenever I do and this is one brand where the purity allows me to share some of my beauty products with my daughter too! I'm especially fond of the himalayan rose range, firstly because the fragrance reminds me of a time when my mother would give me homemade rose water as a cleanser in the summers and also because both the soap and the face pack have really suited my skin type. I'm waiting to try their carrier oils next.

Parul Pratap


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